Capra Capital - about us

Capra Capital is a long-only, deep value hedge fund built on the principles of Mr. Warren Buffett's 1950s partnership.
The fund invests in any first world geography, industry and asset class for the purpose of generating superior long term value to investors.

Fund manager: Liron Manor.

Focused, Global, Long Term Value Investments

Long investment horizon allows us to benefit from situations that cannot be monetized over a short time period.  Adding that to ignoring short term events that are not affecting long term prospects of our investments allows for superior results.
Investing in a limited number of companies without a limitation on the geography or the industry, allows us to literally search for the best available opportunities all over the globe.
Our research is independent, original and based on facts, through which we estimate the value of a company and invest only if we see a significant margin of safety between our estimated value and the price we can purchase the investment for. 

Our capital is invested along side our investor

Since we believe in the investments we pick, almost all of our net worth is invested along side our investors, putting us on the same side of the table.

Success building commission structure

In order to align our interests with those of our investors, we only charge a performance based commission.

Trust and Administration by a large, stable bank

The trust and administrator for the fund is U-Bank Trust Company Ltd., a subsidiary of the First International Bank in Israel.
U-Bank is the largest Trust company in Israel, servicing all the major money management firms.